The Most Effective Example of Teaching Energy Awareness

The most effective mainstream example of teaching energy awareness available is on the National Geographic channel, a show called The Dog Whisperer.  Cesar Milan (2004) is a Mexican healer, and he devotes himself to training people and rehabilitating dogs.  He enters the home of a miserable dog, and models for the humans what energy is by imitating the dog’s behavior.  He uses body language, facial expressions, and attitudes while he imparts the wisdom of being a leader.  Dogs are pack mentality creatures, and nothing stresses out certain breeds of dogs more than having to lead the family pack.  It is a delight to watch as the people become aware of their tension, or fear in various situations, and realize that this energy passes right down the leash and the animal reflects back that same energy.  He walks down the street, head held high, shoulders back, arms relaxed and the dog walks slightly behind him on the leash. Then the dog can just enjoy the Zen of walking with his human.  Another point Cesar often makes is how dogs live in the moment.  A dog is not holding on to the issues surrounding the need for rescue, a dog is not mourning lost love.  A dog lives in the moment, and Cesar lets the dogs handlers know this would be a good for them to imitate also.  He talks of behaviors, and that you can only impress new information on your pooch during submissive states.  He waits for the dog to go in to such a state and then practices the correct behaviors.  As a culture,  many opposing philosophies are true for Americans. However we are compassionate towards our K9’s, and do find that Milan’s portal if you will, for teaching the ignorant and shallow among us these crucial lessons for personal growth is a huge success.  I look forward to the far reaching benefits for mankind as kindness and personal responsibility become the norm.

     I await and welcome the forecast, as these paradigm shifts of twenty twelve glimmer in the distance of a new world, signaling both the year the Mayan calendar ended, and the beginning of the age of Aquarius. I wonder if Yeats could, even then, sniff the dawning of a grand new day.

Published by Ashana Rose Michaels

An energy student, teacher, practitioner.

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