‘Every Man for Himself’

Lessons…Life is full of them, and in this lesson some of us are learning discernment, the opportunity to benefit from this lesson will keep coming around until we learn it. Perception is everything, and every man for himself to me means, pay attention to your self, to your body, feed it the healthiest food, thought, and movement you can. Pay attention to your gut, recent studies show that the gut is a second brain. When it tells you ‘This idea is ridiculous’ heed it, when a health crisis as this emerges, and we understand how it spreads, keep to your self. Don’t go have coffee with a friend, shop only when absolutely necessary, mind your body parts when pumping gas, and when some fake authority of you tells you the country is open, ‘all of us want to and need to get back to work’, pay attention to the ache in your belly. To some ‘every man for himself’ means, his money his power and his control. I dare say, listening to this idea will most likely kill you. In fact there has been significant headway in this arena. It is my desire that we stick around for ‘his’ last act, my gut tells me it will be a doozie, and worth the inconvenience of self quarantine, and the survival protocols we are employing now. You know best, learn to trust your instincts, assist safely, sometimes karma is a blessing, and sometimes it is justice, it is always out of our hands, and in the end we come to see its magnificence.

Published by Ashana Rose Michaels

An energy student, teacher, practitioner.

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